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News And Guides
fondgold:Oh, No! It's Really Frustrating to Carbine to WildStar

As many of you have heard by now, today NCSoft took to restructuring their Western studios and Carbine got hit in a big way. It’s rumoured that the number let go is in excess of 60 people out of their dev studio of a few hundred.

fondgold:Wildstar Nameplate Addons Roundup

Welcome to our weekly WildStar Addon Spotlight! This week we've got the spotlight on a bunch of nameplate addon replacements!

fondgold:Cassian were chosen to build the Dominion long before

Cassian were selected by the Eldan to build the Dominion long before, they are trying to be sure the pathetic vermin harrying the galaxy do not forget them.

fondgold:How to wield Circuit Board Crafting for item

You can wield Circuit Board Crafting for items that with attributes no matter it is weapons or armor. WildStar platinum is also very useful for every player.

fondgold:Warplots Rewards- Items Imbuements in Wildstar PVP

We have invited Kevin – Wildstar designer to our studios. He talked something about PvP. And he put forward to the Warplots.

fondgold:Where to Buy Safe WildStar Gold Enjoying New adventure

WildStar is amongst the most successful be employed in MMORPG 2014. Plenty of gamers are interested in the overall game. WildStar gold , a type of currency amongst players world.

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