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  • [News] TOTW 40 Predictions FUT 15 [06/15/2015]
    We have lost some interest in writing about TOTW Predictions, because the season is already ended in most countries. In this TOTW Predictions post, we will also include players that played really well for their country. That is the reason why this TOTW 40 predictions might look a lot better than last week’s
  • [News] Best Strikers FUT 15 – Top 5 [06/12/2015]
    Today, We will give you our opion on the top 5 best strikers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. This list will not be very extraordinary, because I assume that all of you know these players.
  • [News] The Most annoying things in FIFA 15 [06/10/2015]
    What do you think is the worst and most annoying thing about FIFA? First we have the lag. As we all know EA has decided to use bad servers instead of good ones and that’s why in mostly every game we get lag which is a very annoying thing. It could even get worse, because sometimes you will get disconnected from the game
  • [News] Reasoms Why Playing with High Pressure is so OP in Fifa 15 [06/09/2015]
    Why is it OP? It just feel like the reason that playing with high pressure is so OP is because at later stages in the game, there is not a big difference in the stamina of the team which played with "high pressure" tactic in game, and the team which played with "possesion" tactic.
  • [News] FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 39 Predictions [06/08/2015]
    The season is almost over, and because the Champions League-final is not included in FIFA’s Team of the Week, this weeks TOTW will be shitty. There are only a few competitions of which the players should be picked from
  • [News] Its the Best Time to Stock FIFA Coins for TOTS [06/06/2015]
    Current price of coins for PS is very cheap and its good time to stock coins for TOTS. Were well awared of the price for Xbox and IOS/Android are a bit overcharged and most of you are still waiting for the price go down. But price changes depend on the market demand and supply which is beyond of our control
  • [News] FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Squads Team of the Season Images [06/05/2015]
    The 2014-15 football calendar is coming to a close, so it’s time to highlight the players that have made the greatest impact for their respective clubs in the different leagues across Europe. For the next few weeks in FIFA Ultimate Team, we will be revealing multiple Team of the Seasons squads
  • [News] FIFA 15 Best LF/LW/LM Midfielders [06/04/2015]
    We’re back again with a post in our Top 5-series. This time, it’s all about the best left forwards, wingers and midfielders! Which players is the best on that side, and more important, what are his best stats? We will highlight five players for you, which we will give an in-depth look in their stats and price. Welcome to the ‘Best LF/LW/LM Midfielders’!
  • [News] FIFA 15 Trading Methods :Trading to TOTS de Bruyne [06/03/2015]
    This is a brand new trading series called trading to TOTS De Bruyne. In this series I am starting with just 500 coins and building myself up to the price of TOTS De Bruyne when he is released (Which I am guessing will be about 300K).
  • [News] FIFA 15 :Will Messi Break the Records and to Be NO 1 after Defeating Juventus [06/02/2015]
    If Messi scores in the match against Juventus, then Messi will be the first player who gets scores in the three consecutive Champion Leagues.
  • [News] FIFA 15 TOTW 38 Predictions [06/01/2015]
    Another Team of the Week predictions post! Wednesday, the 38th TOTW will be released! I think that most FUT 15 players do not care about this TOTW, because we are all driven to pack one of the Team of the Season players and most of us won’t care a lot about those (mostly silver) TOTW players
  • [News] Southampton star Nathaniel Clyne to join Liverpool ace in FIFA 15 TOTS [05/30/2015]
    SOUTHAMPTON star Nathaniel Clyne has made the grade alongside the likes of Liverpool ace Jordan Henderson to be picked for one of FIFA 15's Teams of the Season.
  • [News] FIFA 16 Release Date Finally Confirmed [05/29/2015]
    The release date of FIFA 16 for Europe is September 25th. That leaves developer EA Sports know. The football game will come to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • [News] FIFA 15 TOTS Barclays Premier League [05/28/2015]
    After the community TOTS, EA announced the Barclays Premier League Team of the Season (TOTS)!
  • [News] Big Discount Code on FIFA Coins for FIFA 15 TOTS [05/27/2015]
    As we all know, EA has released the first three Team of the Seasons, who were chosen by the FIFA gamers communityin the players who were In Form all the season but never got an IF card.With the coming of TOTS
  • [News] FIFA 15 TOTW 37 Predictions [05/26/2015]
    In this week nothing really special happened at the top teams, but in the German Bundesliga it was really agonising, because a lot of the teams could relegate. HSV and Stuttgart are only two of these teams
  • [News] FIFA 16 predictions: Marco Reus [05/25/2015]
    Marco Reus:Borussia Dortmund & Germany FIFA 15 Rating: 86 Predicted FIFA 16 Rating: 86
  • [News] FIFA 15 TOTS-Community [05/23/2015]
    EA launched the Gold, Silver and Bronze Community ‘Team of the Season’, in which the players are included that performed best in the previous season. EA put the teams together in co-operation with their community
  • [News] FIFA 15 Team of the Season - Community Gold [05/22/2015]
  • [News] The Confirmed Release Dates for FIFA 16 [05/21/2015]
    Recently, EA Sports made the confirmed release dates for the next installment of it’s hit FIFA franchise, FIFA 16 public.
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