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  • [News] Sell your Aura Kingdom to us if you have decided to Quit [03/16/2014]
    It seems that fewer and fewer players are playing Aura Kingdom recently. Many Players have quit this game because they do not think there will be more fun they can get from Aura Kingdom. But please do not waste your aura kingdom gold if you are going to quit, because you can make them into the real cash.
  • [News] The best site that you can buy Aura Kingdom Gold from [03/06/2014]
    Aura kingdom has become a very hot game since it was released in January. With the popularity of this game, the game currency of this game which is called aura kingdom gold has also become a popular product among the AK Players.
  • [News] The Basic Description of Aura Kingdom 8 Class [02/28/2014]
    Well u may have a special interests in Aura Kingdom ,but have no idea how to start? Let's share the litte guide which we have learned while playing the game. Hope this can help u a bit.
  • [News] The Aura Kingdom Newbie Guide [02/25/2014]
    So you wanna play Aura Kingdom and have no idea where to start? Lets hope this little guide helps you out a bit. In here I will explain and describe the basic need to know info, what makes AK different from
  • [Guides] Aura Kingdom Money Making Guide [02/22/2014]
    Making money in Aura Kingdom is one important aspect as gold makes the world go around. You need gold to purchase potions, recipes, and reset your stats. Below are all the methods to help you earn more gold in the game.
  • [News] how to make money on Aura Kingdom [02/20/2014]
    We often got many frequests on how to make gold in game Aura Kingdom .Since there are so many gamers buy Aura Kingdom gold everyday , how we to make sure the full stock ? Is therer any strategy on Aura Kingdom gold making ?
  • [News] Aura Kingdom World Boss Guide [02/19/2014]
    Fighting World Bosses are great ways to have a shot at getting some really cool rares. In this World Boss guide, we will go over how they work, the boss drops, and where to find the World Bosses on which maps and their map location coordinates.
  • [News] How to obtain Eidolons in Aura Kingdom [02/18/2014]
    Hey guys. I've been keeping an eye on Aura Kingdom for a while and finally the game launches open beta in the US. I've spent some time playing the game's Taiwanese version and I believe many western players are interested in knowing how to get Eidolons
  • [News] Is it safe to buy Aura Kingdom gold directly from Auar Kingdom gold sellers [02/16/2014]
    A lot of our customers ask us the same question again and again though livechat or skype, that is if it is safe to buy Aura Kingdom gold online through the gold sellers. Our answer is It Depends.
  • [News] Aura Kin:Aura Kingdom Secondary Job Build Trick [02/13/2014]
    Aura Kingdom as a free-to-play, anime-style fantasy MMORPG. Featuring eight classes that each have expansive skill trees, with the ability to multi-class, the game returns to the roots of fun fantasy RPGs. At your side will be a faithful companion
  • [News] The Aura Kingdom Standout Features [01/25/2014]
    Aeria Games' new MMO, Aura Kingdom. a free-to-play, anime-themed MMO.Once it came out it attracts players all over the world, so many players are fond of its unique feature.One of our loyal customers friend Kimmy ,he is even stop playing his favorite Runescape which he has been played for over 5 years .
  • [News] The Best Place to Buy Aura Kingdom Gold [01/24/2014]
    Aura Kingdom ,which is a free-to-play anime-style fantasy MMORPG.Once it came out it attracts player all over the world,and there are more and more player are attracted by the fantasic game .Gold as on the only game currency in the game so it is in a great demand
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