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In the game, players travel the "Maple World", defeating monsters and developing their characters' skills and abilities as is typical in role-playing games. Players can interact with others in many ways, such as through chatting, trading and playing minigames. Groups of players can band together in parties to hunt monsters and share the rewards and can also collaborate forming guilds to interact more easily with each other.<p>
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In July 2010, the Korean version of the game was completely revised in a patch named the "Big Bang". Other versions followed suit and have since received the Big Bang update. Later in the year, the Korean version received the Chaos update which introduces PvP (player-versus-player) and professions to the game.

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    The Elder Scrolls Online will be opened in just a month time. Many Players have been waiting to play this wonderful game. We have been preparing for this game too so that you guys will be able to buy the cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold from us in time.
  • FFXIV: What You Should Do to Find Right Static [12/21/2016]
    Statics in FFXIV are just groups of people who share a common interest in beating a boss. Players may get discouraged about what should do to find right static groups. So here are what you should do and warning signs that you're in bad groups displayed to avoid.
  • FUT 15 TOTW 36 Predictions [05/18/2015]
    In this weekly series, we write about the players who played well in their last match. We predict who might get an inform card, of course, you are free to give your own opinion on the players we have listed below!
  • The Best Wingers- In FIFA RM/RW/RF/LM/LW/LF [04/26/2015]
    When we play FIFA15, the wingers play a quite important role. He can help you make a breach from the wing. The action is made through getting the ball inside, pick-and-roll, crossing and shooting, running pass to enlarge the wing gap. Furthermore, large-scale inter-change positions play the role of midfielder in other side.
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