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The Elder Scrolls: Online is an upcoming epic MMO from ZeniMax Online Studios, which will be the first ESO game to allow players to explore the series' universe with others. Like previous TESO, The Elder Scrolls: Online will be set on the world of Nirn. Unlike previous games, it will feature online, mulitplayer action.

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  • FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: Ligue 1 Team of the Season -TOTS 2015 [05/08/2015]
    In May and June of 2015, EA Sports for the football game FIFA 15, especially the online Ultimate Team section (also called PEP) Team of the Season (TOTS) off. In total 11 teams full of players get special cards in the game
  • FUT 15 TOTW 36 Predictions [05/18/2015]
    In this weekly series, we write about the players who played well in their last match. We predict who might get an inform card, of course, you are free to give your own opinion on the players we have listed below!
  • Aura Kin:Aura Kingdom Secondary Job Build Trick [02/12/2014]
    Aura Kingdom as a free-to-play, anime-style fantasy MMORPG. Featuring eight classes that each have expansive skill trees, with the ability to multi-class, the game returns to the roots of fun fantasy RPGs. At your side will be a faithful companion
  • FUT 15 Man of the Match cards are available for Stead, Bamford and Dunn [01/26/2015]
    EA Sports has just announced a new set of Man of the Match cards and judging from the players' feedback they aren't that well received. Anyway, for the next 24 hours from 12AM UK, the following MOTM card will be available: Stead, Bamford and Dunn.
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