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  • Reasoms Why Playing with High Pressure is so OP in Fifa 15 [06/08/2015]
    Why is it OP? It just feel like the reason that playing with high pressure is so OP is because at later stages in the game, there is not a big difference in the stamina of the team which played with "high pressure" tactic in game, and the team which played with "possesion" tactic.
  • WildStar path leveling guide for Scientist [06/20/2014]
    The Scientist path is one of the 4 significant paths possible in the online game Wildstar. It centers in checking monsters and items ingame, understading about all of them and learning all of them instead than simply fighting mindless and damaging foes and things
  • 8 Tips Would Help Know More about ArcheAge [08/05/2014]
    ArcheAge's second Closed Beta Event is starting on Wednesday, July 30 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) and runs until the same time on Monday,August 4.If you have participated in CBE1, all characters and progress will be retained in CBE2.Today, we would like to share the expert players' experience of playing ArcheAge.
  • FIFA 15 St. Patrick's Day Guide:Green Keane Classic [03/18/2015]
    FIFA 15 is trying to get football fans to spend St. Patrick's Day in front of their computer, trying to score goals, with a new competition called Green Keane Classic, which is challenging them to try and deliver impressive strikes using players from Ireland.
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